An exercise that only creates problems and that disables the creation of solutions/or that takes players into solutions that are not correct, according to our understanding of the game, it is a poor and badly constructed exercise.


Specificity – A Refresher

Grant Jenkins
4 August 2014

The term “sport-specific” has long been a red flag for me.  In recent years, it seems to have been commandeered by personal trainers for use in marketing materials; an attempt to attract a different kind of client.

Specificity is however an important part of physical preparation for athletes. Physical preparation coach Grant Jenkins provides a simple refresher on on the topic along with his views on a specificity continuum.

Basic Breakdown Defence Part 2: Folding

The original question that I received, sparking the last post and this one, was to do with folding.  Again there may be regional dialects involved, but folding is essentially how players re-join the defensive line as they move from one side of the field to the other. Players are not in the defensive line as they move […]


Basic Breakdown Defence

Breakdown defence is the cornerstone from which all solid defensive systems are built. In fact it could be argued that in the last decade no one area of defensive structure has received as much attention from coaches as the roles surrounding the breakdown. In the next few days I will be answering a question about ‘folding’ […]